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Cons of Wooden Flooring & its Perfect Alternatives

The wooden floorboard and tiles make a living room look alive. Indeed the aesthetic of wooden flooring is unmatched. However, it has a number of disadvantages. The magazine-like aesthetic is more like a wishful thinking rather than reality. Many a time,s the wooden floorboards are marvelous during purchase and installation, however, after a while, the floorboards loses their aesthetics and become more like a liability than an asset.

Thus the demand for the wooden ceramic tiles in Manila, Philippines has increased in the recent time. Hereby, we present the main disadvantage of having a wooden floor boarding, in details-

1. High Cost

The first and foremost negative point about having wooden floorboard is the high cost it incurs. Not only the purchase of wooden tiles are expensive, its installation will make a hole in your pocket as well.

2. High Maintenance

The wooden flooring requires high maintenance as well. It requires polishing every 2-4 years. This process, apart from being costly, needs the residents to be extra careful during the process, until it dries off.

3. Prone To Damage

Termites and other pests can attack the wooden floor, much easier as compared to other materials. Besite externals agents, the wooden flooring gets wear and tears easily.

4. Inconvenient For Families With Pets & Children

The wooden flooring is unfriendly for children and pets. They often do not get the adequate hold on the slippery floor and, especially dogs tend to fall down every now and then due to their padded feets.

5. Cold Floor In Winters

If the floor is not covered with carpets, the wooden floor becomes cold during the winters. So, wearing slippers all day inside the home is inevitable.

6. Alternative Solution For The Same

Wooden ceramic tiles in Manila, Philippines are in huge demand these days. It is the perfect substation product for the wooden bards. Apart from being considerably less expensive, it has many other positive advantages as well.
The wooden ceramic tiles, as the name itself suggests, is made up of the ceramic, but looks exactly like a wooden tile. The wooden ceramic tiles, therefore, are substituting the wooden floorboards and till recently in several parts for the world, predominantly in the Philippines, due to weather conditions etc.

Thus, it is advised for every individual who is seeking wooden floorboards to become aware of its disadvantages along with its ideal substitutions.

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