wooden creamtic Tiles
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Wood Ceramic Tiles

Cons of Wooden Flooring & its Perfect Alternatives

The wooden floorboard and tiles make a living room look alive. Indeed the aesthetic of wooden flooring is unmatched. However, it has a number of disadvantages. The magazine-like aesthetic is more like a wishful thinking rather than reality. Many a time,s the wooden floorboards are marvelous during purchase and installation, however, after a while, the floorboards loses their aesthetics and become more like a liability than an asset.

Thus the demand for the wooden ceramic tiles in Manila, Philippines has increased in the recent time. Hereby, we present the main disadvantage of having a wooden floor boarding, in details-

1. High Cost

The first and foremost negative point about having wooden floorboard is the high cost it incurs. Not only the purchase of wooden tiles are expensive, its installation will make a hole in your pocket as well.

2. High Maintenance

The wooden flooring requires high maintenance as well. It requires polishing every 2-4 years. This process, apart from being costly, needs the residents to be extra careful during the process, until it dries off.

3. Prone To Damage

Termites and other pests can attack the wooden floor, much easier as compared to other materials. Besite externals agents, the wooden flooring gets wear and tears easily.

4. Inconvenient For Families With Pets & Children

The wooden flooring is unfriendly for children and pets. They often do not get the adequate hold on the slippery floor and, especially dogs tend to fall down every now and then due to their padded feets.

5. Cold Floor In Winters

If the floor is not covered with carpets, the wooden floor becomes cold during the winters. So, wearing slippers all day inside the home is inevitable.

6. Alternative Solution For The Same

Wooden ceramic tiles in Manila, Philippines are in huge demand these days. It is the perfect substation product for the wooden bards. Apart from being considerably less expensive, it has many other positive advantages as well.
The wooden ceramic tiles, as the name itself suggests, is made up of the ceramic, but looks exactly like a wooden tile. The wooden ceramic tiles, therefore, are substituting the wooden floorboards and till recently in several parts for the world, predominantly in the Philippines, due to weather conditions etc.

Thus, it is advised for every individual who is seeking wooden floorboards to become aware of its disadvantages along with its ideal substitutions.

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Windows Curtain Blinds Manila Philippines

Advantages of Buying Window Blinds Online!

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. Almost everything can be bought online from a small hairpin to a large sofa. Then why not a window blind? It is convenient as it is just a click away. You just need a mobile or a computer and an internet connection. You can even buy when on the move. For example, you are stuck in the traffic while returning home from the office and utilize this time to browse through the options available. It is completely hassle-free and saves a lot of time.

Well, some people are afraid to buy window blinds online that there are numerous benefits that one can avail from the same. Let us look at those benefits in detail.

1. Simpler and Most Convenient:

World wide web has changed the way we live our lives drastically. Today, we use the internet for anything and almost everything. In this busy world, not everyone has time to go to a local store for window blinds. When a variety of choice is available in just a click away, then why to worry? Check out the different styles and colors online and pick the best out of all.

2. More Choices:

A physical store has a lot of limitations when it comes to designs and styles, colors and shades, fabrics and materials, dimensions etc. But this is not the same in case of online. One can serve through different sites at one time and compare the options available. On the other hand, it is not possible to visit the possible stores personally.

3. Compare Prices and Discounts Offered:

Online discounts are easily available, especially during festivals or new years. Different retailers offer great deals on their products in order to attract more buyers. With the right online search, price comparison becomes easier for the buyer. You can save more money when shopping blinds online.

4. Buy Anytime, Anywhere:

You don’t need to travel to see the wide range of blinds. Just sit back, relax and shop when free. There is no need to skip work or other daily activity to buy a blind of your choice. You can also add to cart and buy later if required.

5. Free Home Delivery:

Every online seller provides free home delivery within a stipulated period of time. Huge window blinds need a lot of care while getting delivered. While placing the order online, you can rest assured that your product will be delivered at your doorstep safely. It is completely hassle-free.

The benefits of buying window blinds online definitely make a lot of sense. Renovate your home now and start with a new set of blinds. Happy Shopping!

Events and Exhibits

PICE 2017 14th Technical Conference (Valenzuela City)

PICE History

On December 11, 1973, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued Registration Certificate No.53896 to the PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, INC. (PICE). This was the culmination and fulfillment of a vision to merge two separate organizations of civil engineers in the country, the Philippine Society of Civil Engineers (PSCE) and the Philippine Association of Civil Engineers (PACE).

The Philippine Society of Civil Engineers (PSCE) was formed sometime in the late twenties by a group of civil engineers mostly from the government sector. It was the country’s first civil engineering organization with the late Engr. Marcial Kasilag as its first president. Engr. Kasilag holds the No.1 slot in the PRC Registry of Civil Engineers. He then occupied a high-ranking position in the government and the early members of PSCE were government engineers. There were relatively few civil engineers in private practice during that time as most of the early graduates were readily engaged by the various government agencies.

The Philippine Association Civil Engineers (PACE) proved to be the more active between the two groups and this resulted to the transfer of many PSCE members to PACE. PACE, under the leadership of President Alberto Guevarra, was mainly responsible for the passage of Republic Act No. 544 otherwise known as the “Civil Engineering Law” in 1950. It was a milestone in establishing prestige and safeguarding the interest of the civil engineering profession in the country.


Construction Indoor
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Construction Supplies Online

How To Get A Reliable Construction Supplier In Philippines

Need a construction supplier? We are there, just a click away!

The main goal of a construction supplier is to develop customer value by improving productivity and controlling costs. U&K, a construction supplier has gained popularity in a very short span and created a good brand name in Manila. We specialize in the construction materials, such as UPVC windows and doors, ceramic tiles, window blinds, pipes and fittings, and other construction accessories. Our main motive is customer satisfaction and we believe in selling the quality product at a reasonably lower cost.

A home is where the heart is. Buying a home is everyone’s dream and a beautiful home is created by using good quality building materials. When looking to renovate your home, use UPVC doors and windows. Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride or UPVC doors and windows have gained popularity in the Philippines recently and are being widely used in homes. They make a great value addition to any home. It is economical and easy to produce. This material is eco-friendly and recyclable too. The other advantages include, weather and fire resistant, soundproof, termite free, saves energy, limited maintenance, durable and strong.

Apart from this, good quality pipes and other related fittings stand out as a savior to the apartment and last longer. Proper use of tiles at a correct place adds to the beauty of a home. All these are available under one roof at U&K.

Lets us talk about the indoors. Every room serves a different function. Therefore it is important to choose blinds accordingly. It should add to the room’s use and beauty both. By using window blinds, you will be able to ensure the privacy. This calls for your comfort and safety. It manages the light levels at the same time. There is no good or bad choice when it comes to blinds, it is up to your personal taste and requirement. There are different kinds of blinds like wood blinds or cellular shades. We offer all sizes and different styles. Choose as per your liking. If you are considering to do a makeover to your home in near future, pay us a visit and do not be surprised by the variety that we offer. In addition, placing your order is just a click away. Just select the one you want to buy and make an online order. Your product will reach your doorstep in a short span. It is hassle-free.

Decorate your home. Give it a brand new look and feel good. Do not wait. Order Now!

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PP-R Pipes and Fittings

List of Products Offered Under PP-R Pipes and Fittings

Pipes and plumbing are the basic need that has no other substitute options. It is said that ‘the correct pipes used for the house also is a crucial factor not only for maintenance but also the long-lasting durability of the piping system of the house. U&K, the Uber & Konstrukt Enterprises Inc., which was established on Oct 2014 has a vast portfolio to offer various goods and services, also you can buy PPR Pipes Online such as:

1. UPVC Windows and Doors
2. Tiles
3. Blinds (Curtains)
4. PP –R Pipes and Fittings
5. Profile
6. Accessories

You may usually find almost all the products of same use with different patterns and flavor whereas PP-R Pipes and Fittings includes various products which have their own individual use. So, what are PP-R Pipes?
Presently PP-R pipes & fittings are most reliable in plumbing and water supply plants, due to their chemical features and fusion welding, which ensures the plumbing to have a perfect seal tight system. It can be used both as a cold water pipe or a hot water pipe. The company not just provide PP-R pipes but also takes the responsibility of getting them fit their respective place.

They offer the following goods:

1. PP-R Fusion: This machine is used for the joining of the plastic pipes and fittings by heating the plastic ends and forcing them together to form a bond.
2. PP-R Pipes: PPR pipe and fittings are a hot and cold water supply system suitable for all potable water applications and heating systems.
3. Coupling: In plumbing, coupling refers to the device used to connect two different shafts together for the purpose of transmitting water.
4. Female Thread Coupling: It works as an extension where to join two male threaded pipes or rods.
5. Male Thread Coupling: It is another extension or fastener of pipes which is slight different from the female thread coupling.
6. Reducing Coupling: It is another fastener or joiner that connects a pipe to another of smaller diameter.
7. Elbow: A street elbow is a type of plumbing or piping fitting intended to join or connect two pipes at an angle.
8. Female & Male Thread 90° Elbow: These are two different types of threaded elbow name male and female.
9. Equal tee: It is T shaped pipe fittings that are used to connect three different pipes from different angles as the main step.
10. Male & female Thread Tee: These are two different individual threaded equal tees which further divided into male and female threaded with the same purpose of work.
11. Reducing Tee: It is a coupling tee which joint three pipes with a single device with two same diameters and one smaller diameter.
12. Elbow 45°: This is a device which connects two shafts forming an angle of 45° and not 90°.
13. Elbow Bridge: It a device which bridges the error coming in between two connecting pipes.
14. Double Elbow: It a double elbow device which connect two pipeline connection.
15. Male thread union: It is like coupling which allows the convenient disconnection of pipes.
16. Plug: Plug can also be called as caps which get fit inside the pipe of segment to which it is mated
17. Gate valve: shutoff valves allow plumbing work to be done in a specific room or even at an individual appliance, such as a dishwasher, without having to shut off the water for the entire house.
18. PP-R cutter: As the term suggests, it is a tool used by plumbers to cut pipes.
You can avail these products from PPR fitting suppliers at U&K or can buy PPR pipes online.