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Windows Curtain Blinds

This New Year Gift Yourself New Set Of Window Curtain

A window is the eye of a house, but that eye also needs protection that is why windows curtain blinds are important for every house. This New Year gift yourself this protection for your windows.

There are so many options that you can find online if you want to buy windows curtain blinds. The easy option will be to buy them online because you will be getting variations.

Let’s look at some of the windows curtain blinds so that you can choose from them.

Windows Curtain Blinds Manila Philippines

This dark chocolate block out curtain is perfect for your home or office.

Windows Curtain Blinds Manila Philippines

Bright cream colored curtains will bring the natural glow in the room.

Windows Curtain Blinds Manila Philippines

Chocolate brown curtains will bring precision to the room.

Windows Curtain Blinds Manila Philippines

Steel gray is admirable for your office.

Windows Curtain Blinds Manila Philippines

Moss green too can bring the natural glow in your office.

Windows Curtain Blinds Manila Philippines

Cream wood color will give the warm feeling to the interiors.

These are some examples of windows blinds curtains. You can choose from these excellent color options.

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Wood Ceramic Tiles

Save A Fortune With Wood Ceramic Tiles

Choosing new flooring for your home is a very hectic thing. You contemplate among so many things, but one of the best options is wood ceramic tiles. They are the new trend in the market and most fashionable ones.

Wood ceramic tiles are gives your room a wooden atmosphere as they mimic the wood. You can use wood ceramic tiles not only for kitchen and bathroom space also for your living room and bedroom. You are bound to get compliments for choosing these tiles.

Let’s look at some benefits of these tiles.


Wood ceramic tiles are highly durable and attract attention for its wooden pattern. Hardwood floors are good but they are breakable but these tiles are dent, break and scratch proof. They don’t get damaged, it will probably live longer than you. More than 30 years they can last.

Moist resistant:

No one wants to hear that their floor had been damaged by moisture or there is any risk for that. Wood ceramic tiles are free from that risk. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or the basement, your ceramic tiles floor is safe and sound from any moisture.

Easy to maintain:

These floors are very easy to maintain. They just need regular cleaning and moping with a mop. You can use soap water to clean them. Sometimes brushes can be applied to clean hard dirt, but otherwise moping the floor regularly will do the work easily and your floor will shine every day.

Choices are several:

If you’re thinking wood ceramic tiles would just come in one or two variations, then you have to look properly in the market or the best option will be to look online and you will find so many colors and patterns on wood ceramic tiles. If you’re a picky buyer your thirst will be satiated.

Heating and cooling option:

You can use radiant heating for your floor in the winter time especially. Otherwise, in the summer months your floor is automatically cool and an expert in keeping you comfortable.

Can be installed easily:

These ceramic tiles are very easy to install. You can do it by yourself too, but still, a professional hand is more preferable.


Wood ceramic tiles are not that expensive, they are rather affordable.

These points are the proof that wood ceramic tiles are a really good choice for your house flooring.

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Construction Supplies Online

How Reliable It Is To Get Construction Supplies Online

In today’s realm of the internet, it is addictive to get used to the services that it provides. From clothes to the grocery to fashion accessories, everything can be purchased at an online store. You don’t need to move a muscle. But what about when it comes to purchasing something that is supposed to last much longer than clothes or grocery? Something like construction materials for your home and office. Can it be purchased online as well? Let’s understand the scope of getting materials online form construction supplier in Manila, Philippines.

If you are looking for a particular thing, in this era, you can definitely get it. Same applies to getting construction material as well, let it be through an online or local store. But the question is how much can the materials purchased online can be considered a quality product. Let’s discuss in details the 2 most crucial factors to be looking out for while doing the same.

1. Authenticity

Though several businesses dealing with providing online store are providing the construction materials online these days. Not every one of them offers genuine products though that is why it’s important to go for the businesses that deal only with genuine products. It can be confirmed through an online background check of the business in consideration for purchase.

2. Reviews

Not everyone purchases construction supplies in local stores these days in the era of the internet. Thus, you are likely to find lots of reviews of the products available for online purchase. You will be wise to go through them once, before placing the order online.

We, at the house of UNK. Provide the high-quality building construction materials and home accessories. We offer a wide range of products that includes windows and doors channel, profiles, materials etc. along with PVC pipes, knobs, and other accessories. Each of the product that we offer possesses homogenous high standards and high quality, as they are processed through a top-notch production process.

You must be in need of getting construction supplies for either your home or office. Instead of investing a fortune in a wrong set of products and regretting it later, make a wise choice form the beginning itself. So, avoid any misfortune by making the house of UNK, your one-stop destination to purchase any building construction supplies.

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uPVC Doors & Windows

Importance of Windows and Doors in Your Home

Home is the place, you will yearn for, no matter where you go! Surely, it is something we all have experienced at least once in our lives. We spend a huge amount of our entire life’s earning to make a decent home. So, we must ensure it stands strong and tall for at least two consecutive generations, without any need of major renovations. What are the most important factors that we need to watch out for the same?

Surely, the infrastructural things like the beams, bricks, and mortars, etc play a significant role, and obviously, people take great care towards the same. But unfortunately, they often skip the need and importance of the designing an installation of proper windows and doors. Today we will discuss the role of well-designed doors and windows.

No matter how comforting home is and makes us wish to never leave it, we all must get out regularly in order to work, study, shop, travel and every other excuse. Since blasting the wall open and repairing it back, every time while entering and exiting is not a feasible solution, doors are the lifesavers that serves the same purpose.

uPVC Windows and Doors Manila Philippines

Now comes the role of a window. Doors are perfect to allow the indoor-outdoor passage of humans and our luggage and pets and whatnot stuff throughout the day. But we certainly cannot keep them open throughout the night due to safety reasons. But we do need ventilation throughout the night for obvious reasons. Here comes the role of windows. It allows the passage of air, and light without the risk of any intruder trespassing into the parameters and causing any harm.

Now the size, material, and design of the doors and windows play an important role in the overall structure of the house and its maintenance. Any contractor would build and install doors and windows as a part of the overall project completion. But this name’s sake installation would not yield any good in the future. After a couple of years, it would require maintenance.

All of these hassles can be avoided by taking the right step at the right time. Several agencies provide correct guidelines regarding the designing and installation guidelines. Having a consultation with them beforehand will not only save unnecessary expense in future but will also increase the overall shelf life the house.

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