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Construction Supplies Online

How Reliable It Is To Get Construction Supplies Online

In today’s realm of the internet, it is addictive to get used to the services that it provides. From clothes to the grocery to fashion accessories, everything can be purchased at an online store. You don’t need to move a muscle. But what about when it comes to purchasing something that is supposed to last much longer than clothes or grocery? Something like construction materials for your home and office. Can it be purchased online as well? Let’s understand the scope of getting materials online form construction supplier in Manila, Philippines.

If you are looking for a particular thing, in this era, you can definitely get it. Same applies to getting construction material as well, let it be through an online or local store. But the question is how much can the materials purchased online can be considered a quality product. Let’s discuss in details the 2 most crucial factors to be looking out for while doing the same.

1. Authenticity

Though several businesses dealing with providing online store are providing the construction materials online these days. Not every one of them offers genuine products though that is why it’s important to go for the businesses that deal only with genuine products. It can be confirmed through an online background check of the business in consideration for purchase.

2. Reviews

Not everyone purchases construction supplies in local stores these days in the era of the internet. Thus, you are likely to find lots of reviews of the products available for online purchase. You will be wise to go through them once, before placing the order online.

We, at the house of UNK. Provide the high-quality building construction materials and home accessories. We offer a wide range of products that includes windows and doors channel, profiles, materials etc. along with PVC pipes, knobs, and other accessories. Each of the product that we offer possesses homogenous high standards and high quality, as they are processed through a top-notch production process.

You must be in need of getting construction supplies for either your home or office. Instead of investing a fortune in a wrong set of products and regretting it later, make a wise choice form the beginning itself. So, avoid any misfortune by making the house of UNK, your one-stop destination to purchase any building construction supplies.

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uPVC Doors & Windows

Importance of Windows and Doors in Your Home

Home is the place, you will yearn for, no matter where you go! Surely, it is something we all have experienced at least once in our lives. We spend a huge amount of our entire life’s earning to make a decent home. So, we must ensure it stands strong and tall for at least two consecutive generations, without any need of major renovations. What are the most important factors that we need to watch out for the same?

Surely, the infrastructural things like the beams, bricks, and mortars, etc play a significant role, and obviously, people take great care towards the same. But unfortunately, they often skip the need and importance of the designing an installation of proper windows and doors. Today we will discuss the role of well-designed doors and windows.

No matter how comforting home is and makes us wish to never leave it, we all must get out regularly in order to work, study, shop, travel and every other excuse. Since blasting the wall open and repairing it back, every time while entering and exiting is not a feasible solution, doors are the lifesavers that serves the same purpose.

uPVC Windows and Doors Manila Philippines

Now comes the role of a window. Doors are perfect to allow the indoor-outdoor passage of humans and our luggage and pets and whatnot stuff throughout the day. But we certainly cannot keep them open throughout the night due to safety reasons. But we do need ventilation throughout the night for obvious reasons. Here comes the role of windows. It allows the passage of air, and light without the risk of any intruder trespassing into the parameters and causing any harm.

Now the size, material, and design of the doors and windows play an important role in the overall structure of the house and its maintenance. Any contractor would build and install doors and windows as a part of the overall project completion. But this name’s sake installation would not yield any good in the future. After a couple of years, it would require maintenance.

All of these hassles can be avoided by taking the right step at the right time. Several agencies provide correct guidelines regarding the designing and installation guidelines. Having a consultation with them beforehand will not only save unnecessary expense in future but will also increase the overall shelf life the house.

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Why Every Modern Home Needs uPVC Pipes?

While you are building your new home, and putting some money on it to make it decent and modern, what would you want for it to have? All the modern facilities right? Then you’re surely not bailing out the most important part which is the pipes you will be using for your beautiful house. You definitely don’t want normal, flimsy pipes to adorn the water system of your house, but something really sturdy and long-lasting. You really shouldn’t make a fuss about it because uPVC pipes are the solution to your dread. That is the reason why the sales of uPVC pipes have been reported high from PPR Pipes Supplier in Manila.

As we look back to the old days, pipes used to be heavy and mostly made of metals. They were prone to get rusty, they weren’t corrosion free and also they had a tendency to break due to rust. Then came the PVC pipes the short for Polyvinyl chloride, the light plastic pipes used for construction works, but that couldn’t leave its mark on the market because it’s not sturdy enough. When you are looking minutely at the construction of your modern house a material not strong enough to hold the water pressure in your house seems wastage of money.

uPVC is the pipe that is the solution to your queries. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride goes by the abbreviation uPVC. These are the latest innovation in the market of pipes. It is incredibly chemical resistant and has smooth inner walls so that water can flow smoothly through it. With that, it is rust and corrosion resistant. uPVC pipes are really strong and also cost-effective. So another question is checked here that it is not that expensive.

Fire safety is another thing to be taken care of, uPVC pipes are non-flammable. It is also flexible and non-breakable. Since it is durable it has a long span of life. As mentioned before it is really cost effective and you don’t have to worry about your money being wasted rather it’s the best investment you made for the sake of your house. Moreover, it is also environment-friendly and is definitely recyclable.

For its overall appeal, it will be a worthwhile investment. Needless to say, the number of people going for the same is increasing these days.

uPVC Windows

Why Is Architect’s Choice UPVC Windows?

Building a new home or thinking of improving your old windows, there are so many options in the market to choose from, but you’re caught up in the middle to select the best option there. In this case, uPVC is your savior. Not just you can see the advantages of it but mainly Architects and builders suggest for uPVC. Its popularity has spread all over the world, you can see the craze of uPVC Windows and Doors in Manila Philippines also.

You will not be betrayed if you trust uPVC as your window material. This is the normal abbreviation for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is effective to make your house more worth looking at for the second time. This not only sustains for a long time giving you the assurance of not changing it time to time or the fear of getting rusty or corrosion, you will be tension free totally by the utter faithfulness of these uPVC windows. This is one of the revolutionary inventions of this age that can prove highly advantageous.

There have to be some apparent reasons for why Architects and builders choose uPVC over other materials but before that, it is important to know windows have become one of the most primary set up in a house for various reasons like noise cancellation, dust, water and UV ray resistant. So it is the work of a wise to think for the best material for the windows of your house.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why uPVC is an expert’s choice:

  • It is measured by the transfer of through the windows, how much of the heat is transferring from inside to outside and also vice-versa. The lower value the better it is for the insulating value of the windows.

  • uPVC windows are definitely durable as we can see it is mentioned above. Other materials such as aluminum will rust, wood will rot but these are weather and storm proof, damp cannot affect it. So you don’t have to worry about creaky windows and obviously, you’re safe from the hurricane! Your house may fly away in the wind but your windows will stay intact.

  • It has better noise reduction ability, because of the product integrity and the seal of it. So, if you like to play your speakers, the loud sound will have a little difficulty to go outside and disturb your neighbors, and there will be less complains from them. Similarly, your neighbors, and traffic cannot meddle with the peaceful atmosphere inside your room.

  • It is a secure system. It is very hard to break through these windows because of their robust frames. So you can be sure there will be no burglary in your home, and the thief will be making a fool of themselves just for trying, as you made a wise choice choosing uPVC windows.

  • The money you want to spend on it is relatively lower than you think. If you compare the cost with wood and aluminum you will see the difference.

Events and Exhibits

CLARKCON 2017 (SM City Clark Pampanga)

Hosted by the UNITED ARCHITECTS OF THE PHILIPPINES (CLARK CHAPTER) held last December 15, 16 and 17, 2017;

It may be recalled that in late 2015, an unpretentious discussion between Architects Connie Roxas and Paul Maiquez opened the idea of having an autonomous UAP chapter. Initially, the plan was just to prepare and merge Angeles University Foundation’s future architects with an existing chapter in the area, but to regulate population and easier coordination with members, having a separate chapter was conceptualized. The perception became more concrete when it was finalized among main proponents together with Architects Nina Maiquez and LalaineDela Cruz then completion of requirements were put into motion. To encompass a wider area coverage and make the chapter name more dynamic, adaptation of Clark name was suggested by Architect Marjorie De Jesus and wasimmediately agreed upon by members.

February 25, 2016, a small meeting of members further strengthen and hasten the chapter chartering drive. With combined efforts of all members and sponsorship of UAP Angeles Chapter approved by Architect Jordan David, all requirements were completed and submitted to the UAP headquarters for checking and approval. With all hard work and prayers, the team awaits. June 8, 2016, to catch up with the opening of classes and to further extend true community service, the group held it’s first Book Donation Drive at Airforce City Elementary School, Clark Field, Pampanga. More small meetings were organized to prepare and establish the chapter’s road to excellence. June 18, 2016, with the team’s perseverance and by the grace of God, application of UAP Clark Chapter formation was approved. June 24, 2016, UAP Clark Logo was designed by Architect Jun Bautista. Focused on professional growth, community service and productive camaraderie, the new chapter continuously progress.

According to the incumbent chapter president, Arch. Lalaine P. Dela Cruz, “it is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary because of the teamwork and dedication the members bring to continue a tradition that was built during its inception. As we look forward to our next coming years of success, UAP Clark remains committed to its service to the professional organization and continue its efforts to provide opportunities for professional development and appreciate the strength in camaraderie spirit among its members”.

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Windows Curtain Blinds

Is it worth buying window blinds online?

The internet world has changed drastically, we can get almost everything at our doorsteps by online shopping. We buy home appliances, kitchen appliances, and so many other stuff from online stores. So why not buy window blinds online then? If you’re stuck up into a busy timeline, you are actually bailing on buying new blinds for your office or home, then this is the best option you got. You only be needing a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection and there you are set for your purchase. No matter where you are buying window blinds online has become very popular not only all over the world but in Manila, Philippines also.

Are you afraid of buying these online? Because you are thinking about the fittings and all. Don’t worry at all, if you can measure with a tape, you are good to go. There is another godlike invention is there on your mobile phone namely online store, where you can easily check out the videos on blinds fitting, you can see how easily it can be done by yourself. It will definitely not take much of your scheduled time. Now if you’re still contemplating whether or not to buy window blinds online let us look at some benefits to prove the above statements.

If you’re thinking to go to a local retailer or to the best shop for these items in your city, stop there. Think about the options you can get from them exactly. Suppose you have seen some designs or nice color options somewhere, you opt to buy that and that only color and design, but when you reach your desired store, the representatives with a nice and exhausted smile plastered on their faces will tell you that they are very sorry but that particular blind is not available anymore!

Do you want to order it? So they can book the item for you immediately and the price is out of your actual budget. You will surely get disappointed because your precious time has been wasted on their fake smiles and their desire to get profit out of you. Here your head turns towards the online shops. Once you open the shop sites you are getting various choices, even you liked some more selections that actually catches your eyes and surprisingly they are in your budget. Of course, the blinds will be delivered to your home, so you don’t have to dwell on the journey you have to make cutting the time off from your busy schedule. Here you get multiple advantages in just one go.

upvc doors and windows
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uPVC Doors & Windows

A Brief Look at the Trends and Technical Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are an essential part of a house, it plays a very crucial role in the aesthetic beauty of a house, and doesn’t matter if it is for commercial, residential or institutional needs. They are there to give a different appeal of any building whether its inside or outside. There is this new trend of uPVC windows and doors in Manila, the Philippines where it has become very famous.

These windows have acquired a high demand in the market, this demand has increased the scopes of new quality inventions in day by day. Not just from the point of aesthetics, uPVC windows are best fitted to perform other functions as well, like, heat protection, noise canceling, and energy conservation, pollution control etc.

upvc windows

These windows are in a great demand just because they need less maintenance, saves a lot of energy and is more efficient than other materials. With the increasing demand for uPVC windows and doors, premium quality has flooded into the global market recently.

The market for doors and windows is growing very fast, so people are introduced to new innovations of products which is definitely helping in the changing lifestyle of people. This shift of windows and door material to uPVC brought the tendency of the companies to produce premium quality products all over the world also in Manila, Philippines.

On the global platform uPVC windows and doors have made a significant impression and is really well accepted with its wide usage, better aesthetics, energy saving and better insulation. It’s energy efficient feature makes it more acceptable for buildings and homes. It is surely destined to achieve faster and higher market position in the upcoming years.

upvc sliding door

Double glazed windows are the best performers in lowering energy consumption for both cooling and heating also reducing the emission of greenhouse gas compared to the aluminum windows. uPVC has replaced wood and aluminum long ago.

Advantages that come with UPVC are so many that it really becomes the first choice for buildings every time like, corrosion proof, dent and rust proof, durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Windows and doors in commercial and in residential constructions were seen as normal and just to be used for normal entry and exit purpose, but gradually that thing has changed. uPVC has changed the old conception and introduced us with upgraded and decent material that will not only be energy saving but will also take care of security and the feel-good atmosphere that will come with enough sunlight and balanced temperature.

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PPR Pipes and Fittings

Advantages Of uPVC Pipelines – part 1

Pipelines are an important aspect of any modern living space. There are several materials that can be used for the same. However, the demand for PPR pipes and fittings in Manila, Philippines are increasing day by day. Having numerous advantage over any other material is the prime cause for the same. Let’s understand some of the main reasons for the same in details in this section.

1. Corrosion resistance

After a period of usage, the pipelines start to deteriorate in quality, mainly due to the corrosion. Not only it enhances the chance of leakage in the pipeline system but also effects the quality of the water passing through it.

Many water piping material stays good up to a limited period of time a the eventually gets affected by the corrosion, depending upon the surrounding of the environment. UPVC piping and fitting stays unaffected by the same, irrespective of the time.

Moreover, bursting of the pipe, which is a rather common happening in several locations, happens due to the long lasting even pressure of the pipes due to corrosion. The severity of which lasts from mild to severe that damages property and lives of people. Having the uPVC pipeline said the best solution as it exhibits the lowest pipe breaking rate as compared to another material.

Thereby the usage of uPVC pipes and fittings is recommended for places with extreme climate conditions. Though it is helpful for places with a stable environment as well.

2. Chemical resistance

Pipes and plumbing system are not solely used in domestic and commercial space. The factories and chemical plants need pipelines as well. Why? Well simply because the unplasticised PVC is completely resistant to a large number of chemicals and reagents. Also the regions with highly reactive water, where water disinfecting process becomes inevitable, uPVC piles comes handy as the uPVC pipes resist the disinfectant very efficiently as well.

Moreover, the minute risk of pipeline decay due to chemical reaction makes it an ideal material for using them in chemical and water treatment plants. In these plants, the pipeline encounters strong acids, brine, alcoholic and other chemical solution and uPVC pipes stays unaffected by them all.

These were the 2 most important reasons for opting for the uPVC PPR Pipes and Fittings in Manila Philippines. However, there are much more advantageous reasons as well. We will discuss them in details in our next installment.

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PPR Pipes and Fittings

Benefits Of Getting Construction Materials Online

Whether it is a matter of building from the scratch or renovating a home, planning and getting the construction supplies is a gigantic task that demands immense dedication and time. Though several individuals still rely on dealers and suppliers, many smart construction suppliers in Manila, Philippines are moving ahead with getting them on an online platform.

Let’s understand the benefits of the same in details:

  • Convenience

The online store of the construction suppliers offers convenience in terms of both location and timing. The individual can review and place the order of the material at any hour of the day. Moreover, they won’t be traveling all the way to the physic store of the supplier. The online store enables the individual to place order form anywhere at any time of the day.

  •  Authentic Product Review

The customer can cross check the usefulness and advantages of the product on an online platform. They can also review the similar material along with the one they are searching. It features the verified customers only and overall it helps the customer to make a wiser purchasing decision.

  • Delivery At Home

Apart from shopping convenience, the online stores also offer delivery at doorsteps itself. Thus the consumer can get all the materials he needs with a click itself, instead of walking miles and carrying tons along with them on their way.

  •  Best Price

he online stores usually offer the best deal in the market, when it comes to the price. Moreover, the customer places the order directly to the suppliers, rather than any dealer, thereby the payment does not involve any commission for them. Thus the customer can be assured to get the best possible.

  • Ease Of Money Transfer

Over the online store, all the purchase happens electronically. It eliminates the additional cost and minimizes the risk involved dealing with huge amount of money. The payment gateway makes the monetary transaction much smoother. Though several online stores do offer cash on delivery as well for the ease of the customer.

  • Expert Advice

Through the online store, the customer can get in touch with experts to know about the products and its installation in details.

Thus, in a nutshell, going for the online construction suppliers in Manila, Philippines is a wise choice as it helps the customer save money, and also deliver the quality product to the doorsteps.