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NS405# (Cream Wood)

 2,880.00  1,440.00

Standard sizes:
width x height:
(1.0m x 1.2m) ₱ 1,440.00
(1.0m x 1.4m) ₱ 1,680.00
(1.2m x 1.2m) ₱ 1,728.00
(1.2m x 1.4m) ₱ 2,016.00
(1.5m x 1.4m) ₱ 2,520.00
(1.8m x 1.4m) ₱ 3,024.00



NS405# (Cream Wood) – Natural cream shade is a blond wood with a gorgeous lively grain. Depending on how it’s treated, the oat undertones can become quite dominant. Cream wood goes well with strong, saturate colors, but also with subdued, quasi-neutral tints. It is incredibly versatile. If you want to combine natural cream wood with other tones, we suggest a high contrast combination like deep brown or dark coffee type of interior.