How to be a Dealer?

Start up your own business with Uber & Konstrukt as we are giving the best and affordable options for you! we have come up a new line of UPVC profiles. Introducing UBER GOLD UPVC Profiles, now made with thermoplastic material that has a good acid and alkali resistance. It is upgraded and with high standard, high precision, high quality, to build a world-class UPVC products.

Option 1:

Purchase uPVC Profile worth ₱ 800,000 and get one (1) unit of Single Head uPVC Fusion Machine for free.

Option 2:

Deposit ₱ 200,000 as guarantee bond. The bond will be returned in terms of uPVC Profile, provided the dealer should accumulate a purchase of ₱ 800,000 (uPVC Profile) in a year time with a monthly purchase of atleast ₱ 70,000 worth of uPVC Profile only .

Option 3:

Get your own uPVC Fusion Machine with a very low down payment of ₱ 80,000 plus twelve (12) Post dated cheque, and purchase at least ₱ 100,000 worth of profiles in a month.

Just comply the following requirements:

  • Business Permit/ DTI Permit
  • Mayor’s Permit.
  • Bank certificate of good standing.